Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic deep treatment uses slow, firm pressure to specific trigger points in affected areas to release the underlying tension and restore circulation. This helps return the muscle to its normal range of motion and improves function, all while promoting relaxation and escape.

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $115


Hot Stone Massage

Experience the calming tranquility and stresses of life with this unique massage. Warm stones are strategically placed across the body and used for treatment. Soothing heat radiates through to the underlying tissue providing deep relief to sore, tense, and tired muscles as your specialist melts away tension at the source.

60 minutes $70

90 minutes $110


Thai Massage

This unique style of massage  combines yoga stretching and energy pressure points to give you a relaxing feeling. It is done on a mat with you in comfortable clothing you can stretch comfortably in. Beneficial effects that most people experience include: detoxification of the body and helps to boost the immune system, relaxation of the muscles and more flexibility, better posture and balance, helps to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

90 minutes $120


 Relaxation Massage

Therapeutic full body massage with long, comforting effleurage strokes of light to medium pressure. Improves circulation and invokes a warm, soothing sensation. This massage is perfect for a first time massage and for those that need to escape the stress of life and enter into a world of total relaxation.

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $90

120 minutes $120

Salt Scrubs

This treatment is so good for healthy skin. The salt scrub is applied warm and exfoliation is rubbed in a circular motion to help remove dead dry cells and allows for a more vibrant skin to surface while the oils create a healthy glow. You will feel smooth and rejuvenated! We have peppermint and lavender for your choosing.

Back only  $25

All over scrub $50

Raindrop Technique

Aroma therapy at its finest, this technique combines seven single essential oils and two blends massaged separately to your feet and back to give you the feeling of balance and harmony physically, emotionally and metally, and has been known for its gentle detoxification.

60 minutes $90


Massaging Facial

This ultimate experience is completely customized to your specific skin type, needs, and concerns using only the finest skin care products. Enjoy the amazing facial massage as you escape the outside world and begin to heal. Actually see your skin glow right away! Tips and recommendations are always provided after treatment as following a daily skin care routine will maximize the results of treatment.

60 minutes $65




A microderm polisher perfectly exfoliates any uneven, dry, or roughskin you may have while working to minimize any fine lines and wrinkles. This combination works to open the pores and relieve congested skin while flushing to help prevent breakouts. This treatment also helps to increase micro-circulation and stimulates cell renewal. You get all of these benefits so you experience the ultimate glow! For best long-term results ask about a series of treatments!

60 minutes $65



Glycolic Peel

A deep, intensive skin treatment that focusing on resurfacing and renewal. The careful use of glycolic acids will leave your skin with remarkable benefits. It is great for the removal of fine lines or dead skin cells, and is excellent for acne prone skin. Natural antiseptic action reduces bacteria that promote acne and allows the skin to heal. Glycolic acid peels can range from 20-50% depending on the sensitivity of the skin and the client’s needs.

Add to a facial $30


Deep Clean and Extractions

With almost every facial treatment there are extractions, but if you have blemishes, breakouts, blackheads, or whiteheads, this treatment involving a deep cleaning facial scrub followed by gentle and professional extractions is a fabulous way to get a thorough cleaning!

60 minutes $65















$60 and up


1/2 Leg      Full Leg

$50             $75


1/2 Arm    Full Arm

$38               $58


Under Arm



Men's Back



Men's Chest